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Window cleaning is not an easy task particularly on commercial or industrial buildings where our team has to scale great heights and work in tricky areas.

No matter whether you have small or large business premises, our 25-years’ experience in the industry means that we have the knowledge and experience to clean your windows and clean them well.

Specialised cleaning

We offer commercial window cleaning services to a wide range of customers from a number of different sectors and we’re never put off by the challenge of a new project.

Commercial window cleaning is one of the specialised areas of our cleaning services and we use a number of different cleaning methods to get the job done.

We assess each window cleaning job with detailed planning to ensure it is done efficiently and safely. There are various areas in which traditional methods are preferred, such as shopfront windows as well as all internal window cleaning.

However, there is also a need to clean windows higher up which may need specialist equipment. We understand that first impressions matter which is why we can offer a number of different cleaning options to suit your business needs.

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