The Clean Police is your fast efficient ironing service that is done in your home. Why not book your cleaning and ironing service on the same day? It’s an easy way to get your home in ship shape!

Two approaches are available for charging to have your laundry ironed in a professional, timely and reliable manner.

The main approach is based on the time taken to iron each load of clothes.

We use a commercial steam iron when Ironing.

Our rate is £20 per hour. All work is accurately timed and rounded down to the nearest quarter-hour.

The other option is for business shirts at a rate of £1.50 per item, subject to a minimum of 5 items.

Items such as shirts, blouses, trousers, skirts and dresses are put on hangers, covered in protective plastic when necessary. Flat items, such as sheets and duvet covers, are folded and wrapped in plastic in your laundry basket or laundry bag.

Men’s shirts or women’s blouses, are grouped together before hanging to make it easier to put your ironing in the respective wardrobes when you get home.

You may request that all ironed clothing which would normally be returned on hangers be folded too.

Hangers are provided by you. If you prefer fresh hangers can be provided with each load, although these will be a chargeable item at 10p each.